Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos of work performed by our dentists


teeeth146 year old male

Invisalign treatment performed, followed by 2 implants in the front.  After implants healed, 6 Zirconia crowns were placed in the front to create a beautiful new smile.

85 year old female

Instead of extracting remaining teeth, our dentist was able to save her teeth by doing root canals and fixed bridge.  Patient was happy with the final results.  She didn’t want to have anything removable.

78 year old male

Patient hasn’t seen a dentist in 15 years.  Had hard time chewing and didn’t like to smile.  Patient had extensive root canals and crowns done.  Flexy removable partial dentures were done to give patient some back teeth.


16 year old female

Zoom teeth whitening performed on a teenager who was not happy with the color of her teeth.  Her teeth got 6 shades lighter after 1 hour of treatment.

46 year old male

Patient had old crowns and discolored fillings.  Was not happy with spaces between his teeth.  14 Zirconia crowns were placed and patient was super excited with his new smile 2 visits later.

49 year old male

Patient had severely worn out discolored teeth and was looking to improve his smile.  10 Zirconia crowns were placed on the top teeth and 10 Zirconia crowns on the bottoms.  Patient had an improved smile in only 4 visits.

42 year old female

Patient came into the office with missing lower front tooth – she was going to the wedding in a few weeks.  A fixed bridge was fabricated to replaced the missing tooth and to give a patient more presentable appearance.  She is coming back to fix her upper teeth.