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“I told you so!”

Sometimes this what I would like to say to some patients who don’t follow up with their treatment and then come to our office for an emergency visit. If we tell you that you need a filling, a crown or a root canal – then it’s important to have it done right away – there must be a problem which could result in much bigger problem if it’s not resolved. We are trying to help you save your teeth and to live a healthy and pain free life. Unfortunately a lot of people think that if it doesn’t hurt, then it doesn’t need to be done. Wrong! It needs to be done and a lot of times ASAP. If it’s not taken care of then it will start to hurt and it will break and it will be more expensive to fix, sooner or later. Trust me! So please, listen to your dentist – we are just trying to help!
Keep on smiling! Dr. Alex Silman

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